Two April Programs:

1. How to Make Effective Book Queries and Proposals


Wednesday, April 17

 7:00 pm(Pacific)

A few of the Seminar Talking Points

  • Know Your Genre before you Query

  • Short and Sweet vs. Clever and Snarky

  • Fiction and Non-Fiction –– Do’s and Don’ts for Query to Literary Agents

  • Agents and Managers –– Same and Different

  • Know who you are pitching –– Do your Homework

  • …and more, of course.  
  • We will take your questions either before the seminar or during.  If you would like to send in a questions before the date, there is a form on the IWOSC reservation page directing you to the specific instructions for sending a question.

Michelle Zeitlin and Jane Cowen Hamilton – More Zap Literary. More Zap Literary represents top-selling authors in all genres and emerging voices. Clients include a world famous fashion designer, psycho therapist to the “super rich” and artists in dance, music, television, film, and Broadway. More Zap also has ghost writers who work to shape proposals and manuscripts for publication. They look at the total branding experience with their clients. They are accepting submissions from all genres — both fiction and non-fiction — for adults, Y/A, and children’s literature. More Zap also offers freelance consulting services — how to contact publishers and acquisitions editors, how to shape non-fiction proposals, and how to fully brand your projects for ancillary opportunities. 

Gary Young, IWOSC President

The session will be recorded and available online. <iwosc.org>

You will be given the call-in information after you register.



 Monday, April 29

7:30 pm (Pacific)

 At the Veterans Memorial, Culver City, CA

On April 29th, the Independent Writers of Southern California on “Books to Film” — and what it means for novelists, memoir and biography authors, and journalists. 

Some of the topics we’ll be exploring include:   

  • How a writer can best position his or her work for a screen option and get it read by Hollywood gatekeepers and decision makers? 
  • Do self-published and small press authors carry professional credibility — and if not, how do they establish it?  
  • What storytelling qualities help make a novel, biography/memoir, or news article a must-see for the screen, and how do you “boil down” your book to something movie-appropriate? 
  • How can one adapt one’s own work properly — and what do writers have to prepare themselves for when someone else is doing the adapting?

All that and more (with guests soon to be announced), on IWOSC’s April 29th Monday night panel.

The session will be recorded and available online. <iwosc.org>




DATE: Queries/Proposals: 4/17      Books to film: 4/29
TIME: 7:00 p.m. (Pacific)           7:30 p.m. (Pacific)
LOCATION: Your phone 4/17;      Veterans Memorial 4/29
COST: 4/17: $15/35;  4/29:     Members Free; Non $15
RSVP REQUIRED: iwosc.org