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2019 IWOSC/PALA Self-Publishing Intensive – Saturday, October 19, 2019

Everything You Need to Self-Publish So You Can Publish Your Book Now – FULL COURSE DESCRIPTION

Do you have everything you need to successfully self-publish your book?

Whether you're writing a helpful nonfiction work, a stunning genre novel, a community cookbook, or the next bestseller, the publishing process involves the same elements: preparation of your manuscript and production of your book. And don't forget about marketing.

IWOSC/PALA's 2019 Self-Publishing Intensive has the answers you need to start now and successfully publish your book. Our experts, Carla King of Self-Pub Boot Camp and Sharon Goldinger of PeopleSpeak Consulting and the Publishers Association of Los Angeles have over 45years of traditional AND self-publishing experience to cover EVERY aspect of self-publishing your book that you need to know.

If you join us on Saturday, October 19, 2019, you'll learn about these topics and more!

• Your Publishing Options:The pros and cons of the often confusing publishing choices that are available and which one is best for you. You'll learn about self-publishing with Print On Demand (POD), ebook only, short run and offset printing; the difference between subsidy and vanity publishers and self-publishing assistance companies; the various hybrid publishing and distribution options; and when you should seek traditional-style publishing with a book proposal and agent. Today's author is often a "hybrid" who takes advantage of all of the above!

• Publication Timeline:How to set a reasonable publication date with enough time for marketing, design, editing, formatting, reviews, production, and distribution.

• Editing:How to know when your manuscript is ready for an editor. The differences between content editing, copyediting, and proofreading.

• Advance Reading Copies (ARCs):How to create ARCs for reviewers. How to approach reviewers and readers for endorsements and testimonials. What tools can help you distribute and track your ARCs.

• Finding Critique Partners:When to seek them out, why it's essential, how to find them, and how to be a good critique partner.

• Cultivating Fans:How soon to seek early readers. Where to find them. How to solicit feedback. How to stay connected with early readers and make them superfans who will give you five-star reviews on launch day.

• Title and Subtitle:How to title and subtitle your book so it gets noticed by search engines, online bookstores like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and ultimately by your ideal reader.

• Cover Design:Why you shouldn't design your own cover, how to find and communicate with a cover designer, and how much is reasonable to spend.

• Interior Design:How to design and format your book yourself or how to hire an interior designer.

• Professional Details:ISBNs, LCCNs, CIP blocks, and other important details you need to get right to make your book look like and compete with those coming from one of the Big 5 publishers.

• Legal Concerns:Permissions, fair use of excerpts, quotes, song lyrics, and real people's names and copyright issues.

• Marketing and Launch Plans:Why you need both a marketing plan and a launch plan early and what both should include.

• Market Research:How to find and assess comps (comparable titles) and why this is essential to your book's success.

• Metadata and Book Discovery:How to choose the right keywords and categories to make the Amazon and Google search engines rank you higher in search results.

• Developing a Readership:How to find and cultivate early readers into superfans who will give you five-star reviews on launch day.

• Book Reviews:How to get trade reviews, paid reviews, reader reviews, endorsements, and testimonials that Amazon won't block or remove.

• Websites:Options for creating a simple website that sells your book and shows people where you are on the internet and social media.

• Email Marketing:This is your most powerful marketing tool so start now! You'll learn how to choose an email marketing service and create a "lead magnet" your readers want so they are compelled to give you their email address.

• Direct Sales:How to sell your book directly to readers for more profitusing easy e-commerce tools.

• Your Publishing Business:How to set up a publishing business with your own publishing house (imprint) name and logo; choose and file a fictitious business name (also called a DBA or Doing Business As); create a separate tax ID to protect your SSN; set up a business bank account, resale license, and more.

Do you have all this covered? If not, then you NEED to be at the IWOSC Self-Publishing Intensive on Saturday, October 19, 2019. In addition to everything Carla and Sharon will be covering above, there will be plenty of time for your questions during our day-long program. Finally, here's your chance to get ALL your self-publishing questions answered by two experts who've been there and done that.



Review of your "elevator pitch" and back cover copy by our experts.

Metadata Cheatsheet to help you craft your book descriptions and bios in the right number of words and characters for each platform (Amazon, IngramSpark, Twitter, etc.). It's a category, key word, and key phrases worksheet too.

Book Launch Checklist: A starter and ideas list for marketing activities needed to launch your book from now to publication. Includes after-publication activities like creating your Amazon Central Author page.

Book Publishing Timeline: A task-by-task checklist of the things you need to do to publish your book, from editing and design to ordering your CIP block, filing for copyright, distribution, and more.

Comparative Title Spreadsheet: Make a copy of this spreadsheet and fill it in with the books that are like yours so you know what comparable covers look like, what categories successful books are in, and what the authors are doing on their websites and social media. This is your opportunity to find out about and get to know authors who write the same kinds of books you write.

Carla King's Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors, 4th Edition: Your road map to creating, publishing, marketing, and selling your books.

Carla King's Consumer's Guide for Self-Publishers: Reviews of tools and services for writing and publishing.

Recommended Reading List for Self-Publishers:The essential texts for your publishing bookshelf.

IBPA's The Language of Publishing from A to Z: An easy-to-understand glossary of publishing terms.

Platform and Three Important Questions to Ask Yourself: A description of the components that you need to build your author platform.

Email Sign-Up List: A sample of a form that you can use to have people sign up to your email list.

Blog Cheat Sheet: Lots of ideas to help you launch your blog.

Our combined contact lists of editors, formatters, cover designers, website developers: These are people we trust!



Are you just starting out and want a consistent plan to go from where you are to successfully self-published and selling?

Are you tired of sorting through all the advice to find the best way to self-publishing your book?

Are there gaps in your knowledge or experience about what you need and what works to self-publish in 2019?

Do you want a single source to get all of your self-publishing questions answered?

Do you need a "course correction" to get unstuck and start your self-publishing efforts moving in the right direction?

Do you want to see what others are doing to self-publish their books today?

If the answer to any of the above is YES!!!, then IWOSC's 2019 Self-Publishing Intensive is right for you!

Space is limited. So don't wait! Register today and save your place to learn how you can self-publish successfully in the months ahead.


CARLA KING is the founder of Destination Published, an online destination for authors who need help navigating the publishing journey. She also leads the Self-Publishing Boot Camp series of books, workshops, and online courses, as well as Author Friendly services for writers. Her comprehensive Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authorsis now in its fourth edition, and her obsessively updated Consumer’s Guide for Self-Publishersis a gift to authors who need to know which companies are trustworthy. She has written for Bowker’s Self-Published Author, Bookworks, andPBS MediaShiftand hosts a podcast at AuthorFriendly.com.

SHARON GOLDINGER, the owner of PeopleSpeak, is a book shepherd, editor, and publishing and marketing consultant specializing in nonfiction books. With an eye for details, she leads authors and publishers through the often-complicated publishing process (writing, editing, design, printing, marketing, and distribution) and uses her business, marketing, and editorial experience to help produce exceptional, award-winning books. She is also “The Answer Lady” for Joel Friedlander’s TheBookDesigner.com blog. For more information, visit detailsplease.com/peoplespeak.


Space is limited. So don’t wait! Register today and save your place to learn how you can self-publish successfully in the months ahead.

You will learn valuable information on all the above subjects, get a bunch of great handouts, and have your most pressing questions answered—all in one day. If you don’t have everything you need to successfully self-publish now, register below.


$179 for this all-day session, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

$129 for IWOSC/PALA members*